Meditation guide, Rebecca Lira, smiling calmly at the camera, seated outdoors in nature.

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Welcome to Re~

My live, 8-week morning program designed to transform. I teach, share, guide, prompt, and hold a gentle, loving space for your growth.

"Becca is a brilliant teacher! Her language is so accessible and her guidance is gentle with a kind authority. This program is so rich."
Kirsten Richardson

When you join Re~

You will begin each and every day feeling



You will be guided every step of they way.


At Ease

Your inner calm will be restored.



You will have insights and clarity from within.



You will step into your day confident & couragreous


The morning program that will change your life.

I guide women home.
Using my unique daily process, I help women attain their Re~, by guiding them to a place of inner ease and clarity, so they can restore a sense of groundedness and live the life they truly desire.

settle In

I will guide you inward to restore calm


I will settle your physiology


I will settle your thoughts


I will settle you back home


I will settle you into our community

Listen In

Once you are settled, you will begin to listen


Listen to what's on your mind


Listen to what's on your heart


Listen to your still small voice within


Listen to our community

Lean in

Then we will gently take your practice off the mat


Into your journal


Into your day


Into your relationships


Into our community

"I don't ever want to stop learning from you and seeing you every morning. You are helping me put the pieces back together, helping me to reconnect to myself and love myself so that I can receive love from those around me. If it wasn't for you, I'd still be broken. I love you so much. So lucky that you are my sister."

Laura glasper

"Starting my day with you is fantastic. I love it. The perspective, the pause, the slowing down has been life-changing. People around me also see the difference. I have found connection within and it has also helped me find connection with others - something I've longed for. Amazing how just a little bit of time in the morning can shift and make such a world of difference.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Jennifer Green

"Anything else I'd like to say? A huge burst of emotion released and I just cried and cried. I don't know how to put that into words yet Rebecca but it speaks for itself. I don't know where I would be right now without you. I am eternally grateful for everything about you- one day I will be able to say it better. You keep me whole- what I do now know is that something like this is a lifeline for people.
I love you so much."

karen hill

“So here is the thing. We all know that we SHOULD meditate just like we SHOULD eat healthy and exercise.. but damn it’s hard to a) be motivated on your own and b) know what the heck to do. I started Re~ because I tried to meditate on my own and I just couldn’t stick to it. Re~ made me accountable, it was well planned so I could set goals and be guided towards them (and at times realize they weren’t the right ones), AND it was fun. I highly recommend this program! My husband and kids noticed my stress levels lower and my “zen-ness” rise! If you can invest in dinners out or a few new outfits you can invest in your mental health!”

Katie Faloon

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Achieve your dream outcome.

At Re~, we all work on our own variation of a dream outcome. Some of us are looking for more calm. Some of us want to heal old wounds, or understand our triggers. Some of us are getting in touch with our true self and improving our capacity for self-compassion and love. What will your Re~ be? Learn more about my incredible 8-week morning program by watching the video below.