Hi I'm Becca...

I help women, just like you, come home.

I guide women home to themselves so that they can move out of overwhelm, anxiety and negative headspaces and enter a state of calm, clarity and courage, so that they can ultimately begin to live the life they were destined for.

Meditation guide, Rebecca Lira, smiling calmly at the camera, seated outdoors in nature.

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Want to live with less anxiety, stress and overwhelm?

Want to get out of that negative headspace and feel more connected and fulfilled? My unique morning program, called Re~, utilizes my groundbreaking, 3-step process that facilitates a homecoming that will transform you. Guaranteed.

"I started each day feeling more calm, grounded and supported. I drew strength from all these amazing souls and felt proud to be sharing this journey each and every day. I feel I have clarity as to what I need to do and am really trying to sustain the courage to implement what I know to be true into my everyday life. I have gained so many strategies in my "toolbox" to keep me in flow. I know that you and the Universe came together to bring me here. Thank you so much."

Jennifer Vergette

"I joined Re~ because I just can't not! My journey is forever and I like being on a journey with you and others. It just feels right. You make me want to be a better person. You inspire, share, teach, help, listen and guide - those are all treasures to me that I hold close. Mornings with you feel peaceful, perfect, provoking yet comforting. Natural. What I need. What others need. What I wish more people would do!!!"

Tamrin ma

"I joined Re~ because I'd follow you wherever and whenever and also because I was so out of balance and tired. I don't know what I would do without these morning sessions. They are so grounding and so needed. The connection I feel to you and the other incredible humans is so refreshing. I love you so much!"

Diana mcdonald

"Starting your courses has been life changing for me. It has forced me to finally listen to that voice that I've been ignoring for years. I just feel totally grounded, positive and in touch with myself in the morning. Plus seeing your smiling face makes me feel less alone on the hard days. I'm just so grateful my friend told me about you! Thank you for everything."

Private member

About Me

Meet Becca

Rebecca Lira is a trusted and experienced immersive meditation guide, who has been leading her morning community into stillness and journaling for the past 6 years. It's no wonder that members rave about her storytelling and the creative and simple ways she weaves lessons and vulnerable shares into her sessions, with a background in teaching and drama. Becca is an engaging and soothing guide for you to go inside.

Meditation guide, Rebecca Lira smiling at the camera, happy after a meditation.


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Reach out! I love connecting with humans looking for a change. Ask me anything!

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Achieve your dream outcome.

At Re~, we all work on our own variation of a dream outcome. Some of us are looking for more calm. Some of us want to heal old wounds, or understand our triggers. Some of us are getting in touch with our true self and improving our capacity for self-compassion and love. What will your Re~ be? Learn more about my incredible 8-week morning program by watching the video below.