Meditation guide, Rebecca Lira, meditating by the lake, gazing into the distance

Meet Becca

Exactly 13 years ago, on the day I'm writing this, I lost my 6-week old son, Matteo. A bit of a shocking and sad way to begin an about page, but the absolute truth is that losing my sweet angel is the moment that everything changed for me. It is what has brought me to this moment, doing this deeply nourishing work.

Meditation Guide, Rebecca Lira, hands clasped in meditation, gazing into the distance, wearing white robe

In search of healing, I found mindfulness and meditation and I've been on my own inner journey of repair, growth and evolution ever since.

Meditation changed my life. It still does to this day.

Over the years, I've shared my journey with the incredible women in my morning programs. Something about my ability to vulnerably talk about the ups and downs of life, deeply resonates with my community. From my greatest loss, to just navigating regular life, sharing my experiences has been healing for myself and those that are listening.

The morning programs have evolved over the years, as I continue to learn and expand my expertise in the areas of meditation, journaling and healing. I became a certified immersive meditation guide, which really took things to the next level for my women.

I continue to use meditation and journaling to explore my own triggers, reactions and wounds. I am extremely present to the unfolding of my life and have never felt more inner ease and contentment.

I have come home to myself.

And this is what I guide others to do.

Come home.

take the first step

Achieve your dream outcome.

At Re~, we all work on our own variation of a dream outcome. Some of us are looking for more calm. Some of us want to heal old wounds, or understand our triggers. Some of us are getting in touch with our true self and improving our capacity for self-compassion and love. What will your Re~ be? Learn more about my incredible 8-week morning program by watching the video below.