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This is your daily invitation to rise and shine and start the day in the most soul-filling way. Find your calm, clear center so you can hear the gentle whispers from your own heart, before walking out into your life.

Each morning a new opportunity to connect to you.

Meditation guide, Rebecca Lira smiling at the camera, happy after a meditation.
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Creating a pocket of peace

A time just for you, to be inspired, become intentional, and feel connected. Imagine stepping out into your day knowing that you've checked in with you first. Imagine interacting from a place of confidence and alignment. Imagine feeling more grounded, content and purposeful.

Mornings have never felt so fresh!

Space to process

Slow life down

If you have read all the books, listened to all the podcasts and are ready to start living out all that you've learned, join our incredible group of like-minded humans intent on the very same thing. Find out what's true, helpful and next in your life as we slow everything down with meditation and journaling...and always a little fun!

Bring more meaning to your everyday.

Meditation session pictured on zoom with multiple members and Rebeca Lira, the meditation guide
Meditation guide, Rebecca Lira smiling at the camera, happy after a meditation.


I'm Becca

And I have the absolute pleasure of being your guide to go inside. My deepest desire is to connect you to something magnificent. I use personal anecdotes from my own very human life, stories, quotes, and poetry to inspire, teach, and open your heart and mind. Then I use immersive guided meditation and journaling to connect you to that sacred place, deep within your own heart. I ask the gentle questions for your soul to answer.

Come and wake up with me!

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